10 Tips for Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

Decorating your house is always fun but if turns to be messy and bizarre after sometime, you are doomed in that situation. Working people can’t manage messy decorations. Soon after any event when you wake up early in the morning you see your house and it seems that some earthquake has hit the houses and turns it upside down.

That is why this article is focusing on new, easy and long lasting decorations that are not messy at all for the events and any kind of celebrations.

  1. The decoration with foliage

Giving your house a natural decoration, yes it is possible these day. Foliage decoration on the staircase gives a natural green look that is classy at the same time it is without any hassle. You don’t need any ribbons or laces to decorate the stairs or the walls. Just buy good foliage that suits your house.

  1. Attractive Faux furs

Furs are always funky and apt for the festivity. Whether you are using it as table mats, rugs or the chair covers. Faux furs have always been elegant in decorating houses. The Christmas is the best time to have decorations with faux furs.

  1. Decoration plans according to Nordic region

The trees or the plants have always been part of many occasions especially Christmas. The Nordic decoration symbolized the sentiments of winters with a green tree or a plant lit up with the lights. How it would?

Definitely awesome, this decoration is not going to end up ever. It’s an evergreen decoration.

  1. Color Scheming

If you are having holidays and celebrations never try to be over with your home. Try to have the decoration that lasts longer even the events are over. As your holidays are over if you have played with other colors maybe they will look bizarre. So better try to use the subtle combinations of walls and other decorations.

  1. Use your skills and decorate your house

You might see the wooden baskets of the sticks in your store room. Just take them out decorate them with lights and enjoy the festivity of holidays while making the home with little different look. Soon your holidays are over and you don’t want extra decorations, you can pack up your lights and might through the baskets or put them back in the store.

  1. Easy crafting looks fantastic

You can use the washi tape to decorate your backdrop of the wall, if you don’t want to change the paint of the walls just for the vacations as it will be expensive. Washi tape can be used to make designs on the wall. You don’t have to worry about the washi tape; it will not damage the wall by taking out the paint.

  1. Things you have collected from the beach

You might have gone to the beach and have collected the sea shells as well. So you can use the sea shells for the temporary and funky decoration of the house.

  1. Be easy with your table

The table runner is not always necessary. Sometimes you need to be casual while serving the dinner in holidays.

  1. Tree decorations

You can try to decorate your tree with small balls and candies while Christmas is coming. There is no need to decorate the big house.

  1. Bar in the middle of your living room

Whenever there is function the person especially men doesn’t care about decoration a lot. They are more concerned about what they are being served off. The bar in the middle of the house pretty much work in an awesome way.


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